Transactional clarity.

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”


Our objective is to affect positive change in the world from a position of power.


The First Look Alliance provides an integrated offering of advisory and solutions services to our clients. Our alliance of companies spans strategic business development, investment advisory, asset management and defense.

Our clients span the globe, and their dynamic problems require innovative solutions. Regulatory evolutions, technological revolutions and shifts in geopolitical tensions create both problems and opportunities. Our client engagements are situationally specific, and we endeavor to provide an integrated advisory and implementation solution to address our client’s various needs.

Our advisory and solutions model is predicated on in-house subject matter experts coupled with direct access to best-of-breed strategic partners to address the specific concerns of our clients in an outcome driven and cost-effective manner. Our team bridges the gap between the developing and developed worlds and leverages our experience managing complex projects from inception to completion.


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